Are you still Friends with your Ex ?

So What do you think? How far can Be Ex partner be a friend?
Most love stories have similar fates. While some promise a lifetime of togetherness, others decide to part ways to find a new mate.
Irrespective of whether the break up is mutual or one-sided; a lot of people are curious about their ex-lovers wanting sometimes even to reconnect with their loved ones lost. Once the anger settles down, you put all your memories in your back pocket and decide to move on in life. It might take weeks, months or years, but over a period of time you grow as a person and you learn to forgive.
Chaya Majumdar, a marketing executive says, "Your ex lover knows you better than anybody else. You have shared all sorts of moments together. If things did not work out between the two of you as a couple, how does it make sense to lose a guy who was your best friend at one point of time? Though things can't remain same, but what's the harm in being in touch."
The duration may vary, but most of us end up as well-wishers to our ex lovers with the passage of time. If you learn to deal with a separation sensibly, then it's easier to sit across a coffee table with your ex in time.
Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh opines, "It is quite possible to develop a healthy relationship with your ex as you already share an emotional proximity and comfort level with that person. It requires a great amount of maturity that most of the people lack. The person should be willing to accept the change in the nature of relationship. "
Once a relationship ends, your ex occupies the role of a friend in your life. And just as you share a different chemistry level with all your friends, the dynamics with your ex metamorphoses through time. With some, you confide everything, with others you just kill time and then there are those with whom you go shopping, bowling and share beer pints. So let's check the varied categories of a healthy ex relationship:

She is my best buddy!
Jeten Rawat, a media person says. "In my case, my girlfriend decided to walk out of the relationship. But soon after, we realized that we still miss sharing our sorrows and success with each other. She remains the one with whom I can share anything and everything without even giving it a thought. I know we are not soul mates, but I couldn't find a better friend."
If you are forgiving enough, then it is easy to remain friends, after all, what is the point of living with lots of bitterness?

Some strings attached
Once an affair goes kaput, every part of the relationship definitely can't go back to normal, but if you manage to subtract possessiveness and expectations from the relationship, you will start enjoying whatever is left between you two.
Richa Tyagi, a medical student adds, "My boyfriend was scared of commitment, so after an intense argument I decided to call it off. After almost a year, I entered into a new relationship and that took all the bitterness away from me. I can't say that I am friends with my ex boyfriend, but yes I am in touch with him. He tries to be really nice and flirtatious with me sometimes. Whenever I talk to him I get this feeling that I am better off now and it satisfies my ego somewhere."

Oops! I did it again...
Some couples decide to be in touch even after their break up as there might be some old feelings left or they are just not ready to let go. However, such relationships come with a 'Handle with care' tag.

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