The Best Gifts Ever That Money Can't Buy !

To yourself: The gifts of daily self-examination, self-discipline, self-respect, originality, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and regular mental and spiritual nourishment.

To your brothers and sisters:
The gifts of love, help, understanding and emotional support.

To your spouse:
The gifts of appreciation, support, affection, faithfulness, love, patience, understanding, and time.

To your children:
The gifts of education, shelter, guidance, love, understanding, patience, sympathy, time, and good example.

To your parents:
The gifts of thoughtfulness, love, appreciation, and thankful heart.

To your helpers:
The gifts of kindness, appreciation, motivation, and reward.

To your friends:
The gifts of encouragement, communication, help, and your presence in times of storms..

To strangers:
The gifts of a smile, open-mindedness, kind words, and deeds.

To your colleagues:
The gifts of sense of humor, open-mindedness, tactfulness, encouragement, sincerity, cooperation, and support.

To your boss:
The gifts of humbleness, humility, loyalty, honesty, respect, quality service and creativeness.

To the broken-hearted:
The gifts of undivided attention, emotional support and encouragement.

To the lowly ones:
The gifts of helping hands and loving heart.

To your enemies:
The gifts of forgiveness, humility, reconciliation, service, and a smile.

To the prisoners:
The gifts of clothes, foods, medicines, and evangelization.

To your country:
The gifts of loyalty, support, compliance to the laws of the land, and submission to the authority.

To the Almighty God:
The gifts of daily communication, appreciation, diligent application on His wise counsels and finally, the gifts of sharing His words to all nations of the world.
Apply and give these gifts to yourself and to somebody else, so you can make this world a little better and peaceful place to live.

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